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NEWAY VALVE Sighed HPC Nuclear Power Project Contract With AREVA

NEWAY VALVE (SUZHOU) CO.,LTD. signed supply contract with AREVA about HPC project in January 19, 2017.

HPC project is co-invested by EDF and China Nuclear Power Engineering Co.,Ltd., which CNPE accounts for the ownership of 33.5% and EDF owns the rest. The project is planned to build 2 nuclear power units adopted by ERP technique, which can satisfy 7% power demand of Britain. The total installed capacity is 3.2GW and the total value is 18 billion.

As the leader of the world nuclear power industry, AREVA will undertake comprehensive construction of the HPC project nuclear island. Most winning products are nuclear valves applied in nuclear island with the quantity of over 2000 units.

NEWAY VALVE follows our country’s step of “nuclear power going abroad”, taking the lead in China to enter European nuclear island through this order.

This signing not only makes great difference in expanding the overseas nuclear market, but also highlights tremendous strength in the field of nuclear valve for Neway. Neway Valve makes a solid step in the way of providing complete nuclear valve solutions for clients.


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