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NEWAY VALVE Signed First Domestic Subsea Valve Contract with Offshore Oil Engineering Co.,Ltd

Lately, Neway Valve (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd has signed supply contract with Offshore oil engineering Co.,Ltd for 9-2/9-3/10-3 gas field cluster project. The supplying range includes: subsea ball valve and subsea gate valve.


WC9-2 gas field is 146km away from East China Sea Wenchang city, Hainan Province, 262km away from Zhanjiang, Guangdong. The water depth of gas field ranges from 110m to 130m. WC9-3 gas field is 5km away from WC9-2, whose water depth is about 123m. WC10-3 gas field is 25km away from WC9-2, with the water depth ranges from 130m to 150m. The bidding-winning subsea valves primarily apply to WC10-3 gas fields PLEM system. The oil, gas and water exploited from gas field will be processed in WC9-2/9-3CEP gas field. After separating, measuring and condensing,dry gas will be sent to Hong Kong onshore terminal through the underwater pipeline from Yacheng to Hong Kong. The oil and water will be delivered to HYSY116 FPSO through WC8-3WHPB and seafloor multiphase pipeline.


On earlier stage of project, Offshore oil engineering Co.,Ltd required all valve suppliers to have a series of strict type tests on the project prototype according to API6A and API17D, including PR2 test, hyperbaric test and life test. NEWAY Valve is the first domestic valve supplier who completely passed authentication of subsea gate valves and subsea ball valve and obtained  Gemanischer Lloyd Certification. Its Neways first subsea valve project order, which is also the first China subsea valve order. The success of subsea valve domestication breaks the market monopoly of overseas valve manufacturers in the subsea valve field.

It brought positive impact on the NEWAYs market expanding and business growth. The winning also laid a solid technical foundation for our research for deep water valve. It enhances enterprise competitiveness as well as creating more social benefits.


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