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NEWAY boosted the exploitation of combustible ice

 This photo comes from  CIMC Raffles

The “ #1 BLUEWHALE” which is all designed, constructed and debugged completely by CIMC Raffles, using the basic design of Frigstad D90, has successfully finished its trial exploitation of combustible ice at the South Sea on May 18,2017. The “ #1 BLUEWHALE” is classified by DNV and is the semisubmersible drilling platform with the longest operating depth and drilling depth.

The success of the exploitation of combustible ice marked Neway has made great technical breakthrough and optimized national energy structure, which has a great significance in developing national economy and protecting the environment.

As a major strategic supplier of CIMC Raffles, Neway has many times supplied valves at the Frigstad D90 semisubmersible drilling platform. Neway designed and manufactured approximately 3000 valves in the “ #1 BLUEWHALE” platform, fully fulfilled its technical and manufacturing experience and ensured the successful delivery and operation of platform.CIMC Raffles has given high praise and offered thanks to Neway for its commitment in the “ #1 BLUEWHALE” project

As a leading valve manufacturer in China, Neway will spare no efforts to improve scientific research and technical strength, and continue to devote itself to guaranteeing national energy security and optimizing energy structure.


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